Every 7 Seconds, Someone Turns 50

by Ali Davidson on November 30, 2011

It’s been awhile since my last post and I apologize. I have been busy with LIFE. This year has been interesting to say the least. Worldwide a shift in governments, economies collapsing, businesses closing, health issues for many, people passing and babies being born. But one thing is for sure.

Our population is aging. In fact every 7 seconds someone in America is turning 50. By the year 2015, three short years, 45% of the population will be over 50. That’s almost half. Now, now, don’t let all this depress you. It’s not all bad news!

As a culture we are making new decisions, re-evaluating what is important, setting new goals, and connecting to each other like never before. Young people are able to afford housing! People of all ages are going back to school. Families are moving closer together and helping each other out. Our purchases are smarter. No longer do we buy the newest model to replace a model that is still functional, just because we can.

Life is changing and so are we. We have a choice about how we think. And how we think will determine what we do. By now you may be asking yourself: what does this have to do with aging? Well, since so many of us are entering the latter years of our lives, perhaps it is time to change the way we think about aging too.

Personally, I have always thought of aging as a natural process and one to feel blessed to achieve. I grew up with my yiayia (granmother in Greek) and watched as she gracefully aged to her 95 years. Even though she certainly slowed down, she never lost her position in the family as the matriarch. She was always the one passing out wisdom, telling fascinating stories, taking the time to hold and rock the babies, and teaching me how to live in the present moment.

Of course we tried to protect her from things we felt she was too old to understand. But she constantly surprised me by letting me know that when it came to human nature there was really nothing new. We might have more gadgets, more toys, more ways to entertain ourselves, and certainly more stress. But when it comes to our basic needs, our fears, and our dreams for ourselves and our kids …we are all the same.

I guess that is why I embrace all stages and ages of life. I recognize the beauty and delight in all of them. From the innocence of a newborn as it discovers a new world, to the wisdom of the senior as he/she discovers meaning out of a lifetime of experiences.

I hope that something here has touched your heart and made you question what you think about aging. I challenge everyone to consider aging a privilege instead of a curse. I invite you to spend some time with your senior talking about this and maybe even asking them if they ever talked to their parents about it. Or at least what their perception of their parents’ aging process was like. It might be enlightening.

And so, my friends, as so many of us enter the last half of our lives, let us enjoy! Let us celebrate! Let us inspire the younger generation! Let us continue to grow and learn! And let us do all this with open minds and hearts.

As always, Be kind to yourselves


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