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Ali comes from a big Greek family, in which her grandmother was the matriarch.  Yiayai (Greek for Grandmother) was Ali’s greatest teacher. She was always an integral member of the family and inspired Ali’s life in many ways. It was this primary relationship in Ali’s life that helped her to understand the importance of family bond’s, senior issues, and communication.

As a former owner of an in home care agency, Ali Davidson worked with seniors and their families for 9 years. During that time she helped them negotiate the aging process with dignity and compassion. She developed training programs for her employees that ensured quality care for her clients and a better understanding of the needs of seniors.

She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Master Practitioner and has counseled individuals, couples and families through her private practice, focusing on communication, relationship, and healing old wounds. As a Life Coach for the past 2 years she has helped clients in both their personal and professional lives to reconnect to their passion, reach their goals, and live to their fullest potential.

Ali has taught workshops to various groups and organizations on subjects ranging from improving communication skills to caring for someone with Alzheimer and contributed to the eldercare industry through education and community projects for seniors. She is an accomplished teacher and speaker. .

Through her work she witnessed how seniors and their adult children negotiated the aging process. In some cases they did well, however, in most cases because of a lack of understanding, clear communication and many unsettling emotions that come up during a crisis, many had a very difficult time.

In writing this book, Ali assists seniors and their adult children start a conversation and create a plan for the aging years which will enable them to find comfort, know each othersí needs, maintain their independence and ensure their wishes are implemented.

Her passion and mission in life is in creating, sustaining, and enhancing the miracle of kinship. This book is the first in a series that offer tools and understanding to enrich relationships through lifeís transitions. She is the mother of five grown children and lives with her husband, Kelly, in Oregon

Her greatest wish for you is that your relationship be one full of love, compassion and understanding. That each personís needs are met and that the aging process is enriched and embraced as the gentle time it is meant to be.


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